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Comfort Ear Tips

Foam eartip

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Comfort - ear eartip

Maximum Attenuation: The Comfort Ear offers highest level of noise isolation. Actual attenuation depends on earphone design and frequency.

Flexible Threaded core: A special, tapered core designed for deeper insertion into ear canal. Elastomeric cores have a molded in screw thread for secure attachment to the earphone and soft durometer for comfort.

Super soft Memory foam: extremely soft polyurethane foam for long term comfortable wear. Also, conforms to the ear canal to maintain an acoustic seal and retain earphone in the ear.

Ergonomic design: Sleek, tapered shape is designed to provide both easy insertion and stability in the ear canal.

Sustained Response: numerous earphones tested using the comfort ear foam tips have shown no significant reduction in frequency response versus an ordinary silicone tip. (testing performed using a pure tone frequency sweep from 200Hz-8000Hz)

One of the most comfortable and easy to fit ear tips available. Utilizing a unique soft foam that is activated by body heat these ear tips offer superior comfort, fit and performance. By expanding to fill the ear canal completely, retention is dramatically increased, providing a secure in-ear fit for today’s active lifestyles. The foam creates an optimal seal that blocks noise while funneling pure sound into the ear for total immersion. These tips offer ultra soft comfort with a stay in-ear fit, while providing enhanced sound quality and superior noise reduction.

Contains one pair of foam eartips for Star™, Sentry™, Stealth™, Signal™, Shadow™ or Commander™ Earpieces

Up to 42dB Noise Reduction!
Save your hearing, and enjoy all day comfort!

Our Price: 9.95 for a pair