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Nextel / Sprint / Motorola Multi-Battery Charger

Nextel Earpiecesclear tube style1, 2, or 3 wires Nextel CasesLeather or NylonIncludes loop and clips Nextel HeadsetsLightweight or noise cancellingvarious style Nextel Partseartips, clear tubesvarious style Nextel batteriesHigh or double capacity1800, 1500 and 1400 mAh

Nextel cr charger Nextel cr charger Nextel cr charger Nextel cr charger

Multiple-Battery Rapid-Rate Charger

This multi-charger rapidly charges up to 6 batteries simultaneously. This 6-unit rapid rate charger utilizes an enhanced charging algorithm that will help maximize the life of your batteries. Compatible with Nextel and Motorola slim, standard and extended capacity lithium ion batteries.

Includes one plug, six batteries charging at the same time, for a large variety of phone. All in one spot. Note: Do not store batteries in charger, Use only supplied adaptor & Ensure LED is off prior to inserting battery.


  • Charges up to six various Motorola/Nextel batteries at the same time.
  • Charging bays are independent and can be used to charge six batteries of mixed forms and capacities at the same time.
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-charge protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Rated input: 5V, 4A DC
  • Current: 680 mAh Max
  • Shipping Weight: 0.60 lbs

Retail Price: $149.95

Our Price:129.00 (You Save $20.95)

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Compatability Chart:

OEM Part # A.K.A. OEM Part # Phone Compatability
BK10 SNN5793a ic502, ic602, ic402, V950, i335 V750-PTT
BK70 SNN5792A ic502, ic602, ic402, V950, i335 V750-PTT
BT50 SNN5771 KRZR k1m, MOTO Q, MOTOROKR Z6m, ROKR Z6m, MOTORIZR Z6tv, v190, x315, v323, v323i, v325, v360, v361, w395, w490, w510, w755, a1200
BT60 SNN5782A Motorola TUNDRA PTT, i580, i880, ic902 and KRZR k1m, KRZK k1m Fire, MOTOKRZR k1m, MOTOFRZR k1m Fire, MOTOKRIZR Z6tv, RIZR Z6tv, MOTOROKR Z6m, ROKR Z6m, Z6m, MOTO Q, Q, 190, v190, v-190, v190, 323i, 325i, v 323, v323i, v325, v325i, v323, v323i, v325, v325i, 360, v360, v-360, 361, v 361, v-361, v361, 315, w 315, w-315, w315, w 490, w490, w 510, w510
BT60 SNN5759 Motorola V190, Motorola V195, Motorola V235, Motorola V323, Motorola V365, MotorolaC168i and Motorola C290 phone models
BT90 SNN5759 Motorola Q, Motorola Q 9c, MOTO Q Global 9h, Moto Q music 9m, KRZR k1m, k1m Fire, w315, w385, w755 (Nextel) i580, i880. The Deluxe, ic902
BT90 SNN5826 Motorola KRZR K1M / Q / i580 / i776 / i880 / i885 / ic902 / W315
BQ50 SNN5804A W175, W230, W230a, W370, W375, W367, W377
SNN5705 is65, i530, i730, i850, i870, etc.
SNN5706 is65, i530, i730, i850, i870, etc.
NNTN4655 is65, i530, i730, i850, i870, etc.

Also compatible with:

  • SNN5705/R
  • SNN5706/R
  • NNTN4655/R
  • BXM5983R/SNN5759 - BT90
  • SNN5782/BHM5893 - BT60
  • SNN5792 - BK70
  • SNN5793/BXN5780 - BK10

Also works with: [Motorola Brute™ i680, Motorola Clutch™ i465, Motorola i890, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup SeriesTM Driver Phones, The Blend™ ic402 by Motorola, The Buzz™ ic502 by Motorola, The Buzz+™ ic602 by Motorola, The Deluxe™ ic902 by Motorola, i205, i265 by Motorola, i275, i275 by Motorola, i305, i315, i325, i325 IS, i335 by Motorola, i355 by Motorola, i365 by Motorola, i530, i560 by Motorola, i570 by Motorola, i576 by Motorola, i580 by Motorola, i60cTM, i615 by Motorola, i670 by Motorola, i710 by Motorola, i730, i733, i760 by Motorola, i776 by Motorola, i850 by Motorola, i870, i880 by Motorola]