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Radio Earpiece: Security Kits

D-Ring 1 wire over the ear Earloop 1 wire over the ear Palm Mic2 wire clear tube Clear tube1 wire C-Ring1 wire Clear tube2 wire Earbud 2 wire earbud Sentry2 wire clear tube Stealth3 wire clear tube


Choosing a Radio Earpiece

Radio Earpieces: Security kits, Surveillance earpieces and Covert activities

When choosing a security kit for your radio, whether it is a 1-wire, 2-wire or 3-wire, earpiece in-the-ear or earpiece over-the-ear, there are really three important factors to consider: 1) discreetness 2) comfort 3) versatility.

1) Discreetness in security-surveillance kits

A security kit can be more or less discreet. The degree of discretion depends on the ear style and the coiled tube color. In-the-ear style security kit, like the Sentry, Stealth, Bodyguard or Star are more discreet than Over-the-ear earpiece like the D-RING STYLE Agent. Also the choice of black or clear color for the coiled tubing has an impact on the visibility of a kit for the Sentry, Star, Stealth or Shadow. You have the choice over the degree of discreetness that will best suit your needs.

2) Comfort in security-surveillance kits

In terms of comfort, surveillance kits can either be worn over-the-ear or in-the-ear, and the preferences here are very subjective. Our earpieces are hypoallergenic and made of surgical silicone. As well, most of our security kits use a coiled cable which is very flexible thereby easing head movement. Most of the earpieces can be adjusted from one side to the other. For all day use or over 6 hours we highly recommend the ear mold earpiece which will adjust to the Sentry, Star, Stealth or Shadow.

3) Versatility and security-surveillance kits

A security kit might have to be shared by more than one user. The Over-the-ear earpiece (Agent or Double gent) can be easily wiped clean for hygienic purposes. or the other kits we offer hygienic replacement options. Thus, the very discreet and comfortable ear mold earpiece can be added to the Sentry , Stealth, Shadow or Star. The surgical silicone hypo-allergenic pinkies are an economic solution for the Sentry, Stealth, Shadow or Star. The foam ear bud is an economic hygienic cover for the Bodyguard.

The security kits (1 wire, 2 wire or 3 wire) can be attached to the back of a tie or collar, hidden underneath clothing, the wire can run in the sleeve of a shirt or underneath clothing if the wearer has short sleeves. The user of a 2 wire (Sentry, Bodyguard, Signal ) or 3 wire (Stealth) can position the microphone to best fit its immediate needs. Because each component is modular (microphone, PTT switch and an earset) they can be easily changed. In fact, the three-wire system is the industry's only surveillance kit that quickly converts from a three-wire to a two-wire system as the situation dictates.

What is that wire for that agents have in their ears?

The swirled wire that you have seen around an agent's ear is attached to a special radio that allows agents to talk with other Secret Service agents without allowing anyone who is not an agent to hear their conversation. Agents have a piece of equipment called a surveillance kit that is part of their radio. The surveillance kit contains a microphone and an earpiece that are connected to a radio. Having a microphone allows them to place their radios on their belts so that they can keep their hands free while they are working, which is very important when you are providing protection for someone.