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Lightweight Radio Headsets

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Voyager Lightweight Headset

VOYAGER - Lightweight Headset

  • Ideal for Retail, Casinos, Dispatch...
  • Swivel boom microphone
  • Adjustable steel headband
  • In-line PTT button

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PTT: In-line PTT button

Retail Price: $59

Our Price: $39 You Save $20

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Razor Lightweight Headset

RAZOR - Behind-the-head style headset

Single speaker with flexible boom microphone. In-line PTT.

  • Lightweight, behind-the-head design
  • Noise canceling Boom Microphone
  • Speaker rests on the ear for comfort
  • Water resistant In-line PTT button
  • Available for 2 way radio and Nextel users

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Retail Price: $44

Our Price: $35 You Save $9

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