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Pilots choice for Aviation Headsets

The Pilot's Top Choice for Headsets


Plantronics Heritage in Aviation

The MS50 headset has been in cockpits since the early 1960s and continues to be used even today. Plantronics known throughout the industry for superior sound quality and reliable, lightweight equipment when it comes to aviation, and the new MS Series aviation headsets continue this long-standing tradition.

Enthusiastic endorsements of Plantronics aviation headsets abound from pilots all around the world.

Reliable and Fail-Safe

Jeff says that he has always used Plantronics headsets. "The MS50 is just part of the original equipment in our aircraft. Though we always carry a spare in each cockpit, they're virtually bullet-proof!" Jeff also says that the vast majority of pilots have their own custom earpieces molded to fit their ears that connect easily to the MS50. It's rare that a pilot will bring his or her own headset on board—;simply the customized earpiece. Jeff also claims that there has been very little turnover in his airline's MS50 equipment "They've only had to replace the headsets two or three times at the most in my career. They just seem to last forever."

The New MS Series

For the past 6 months, Jeff has started using Plantronics' new line of aviation headsets—;the MS200, the MS250 and the MS260. Having tried all three new headsets, Jeff has very positive feedback. "I love them!" he says, "I wish the company would buy this new technology for all its aircraft." Of the three, Jeff prefers the MS260 for his international flights because of its binaural design. "When you're landing in foreign countries, you really want to hear every word from air traffic control," he explains. "I like the ability to have both ears tuned in to the conversation."

Unlike domestic routes, where pilots usually wear their headsets throughout the duration of the flight, international trips only really require the headset to communicate with air traffic control at takeoff and landing. Jeff enjoys the ease with which he can slip the MS260 on and off, is pleased with the overall comfort, and finds the sound quality superior. He even finds an improvement over the MS50, with increased adjustability of the boom microphone. Jeff claims that the only inconvenience is that he needs to disconnect the original equipment in the cockpit, and then connect his new headset in its place.

"A Huge Thumbs-up"

As a veteran in aviation, Jeff Linder is a believer in Plantronics' new technology for aviation. "I give all of them a huge thumbs-up," he says. "I'm very enthusiastic because this is a big step forward for pilots." Jeff has recommended the new MS Series to a number of his colleagues, who have all been surprised by the affordability of a new technology by such a revered name in the industry. "It's really not a hard sell," claims Jeff. "We've all used Plantronics headsets our entire careers, and it's a name we trust."