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K4 Radio Accessories


K4 radio Earpieces, Headsets, and/or Accessories. (K4 connector)

We offer many quality communication accessories compatible with the K4 radio, which uses the K4 connector. All of the accessories listed below have an K4 connector and are 100% compatible with your K4 radio. View a list of K4 radio models here.

We also offer parts, spares, and replacements.

for  K4 - 1 wire

Extras - spares (click on the picture)

Foam eartip

Star Earpiece for K4 - Single wire clear tube Earpiece with PTT (Push to Talk)

  • Earpiece with in-line PTT button & microphone
  • Surveillance audio tube
  • Can be shared by changing the clear silicon ear tip (see replacement parts)
  • K4 connector for K4 radio

Retail Price: $39.95

Our Price: $32.50 (You Save $7.45)

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Earloop earpiece for  K4

Agent Plus - Tough PTT button

Agent Plus adjustable earloop

Agent Plus - Earloop Radio Earpiece for K4 - Single Wire Earpiece with PTT (Push to Talk)

  • Single-Wire Earpiece
  • Sturdy "C" swivel earloop with clear-audio speaker that rests on the ear
  • Comfortably fits a wider variety of ear sizes
  • In-line PTT button & microphone
  • Left or right ear usage
  • Can be shared by more than one users (as the earpiece can be easily wiped clean for hygienic purposes.)
  • K4 connector for K4 radio

Retail Price: $39.95

Our Price: $32.50 (You save $7.45)


C-Ring ear loop earpiece
Detail View Here

NEW! C-Ring ear loop earpiece for K4

  • Single cable with In-line easy-to-access omni directional microphone & integrated PTT
  • Sleek and lightweight for all-day wearability
  • Switchable between left or right ear
  • High volume speaker rests comfortably on the ear
  • Kevlar cabling materials for increased durability
  • Advanced materials used giving you a softer more flexible rubber for improved comfort without loss of design integrity
  • High quality microphone with steel casing
  • Garment clip located behind PTT for secure placement
  • K4 connector for K4 radio
  • Click here for specs

Retail Price: $39.95

Our Price: $32.95 You Save $7


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