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Motorola Radio Speaker Microphones

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Military Grade speaker microphone

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All-Weather Military Grade Speaker Microphone - Motorola

Military Grade Speaker/Microphone with replaceable UL-914 fire resistant cable for Motorola radios

  • Meets mil std 810*
  • IP56 rated**
  • Fully Insulated, rubber sealed polycarbonate housing
  • Includes listen only jack cover preventing rain intrusion
  • High impact resistant
  • Side fired, large PTT switch with rounded top overlay for easy access
  • Sturdy 360⁰ rotatable & reinforced steel clothing clip w/ 8 stopping points
  • Rugged 4.5mm polyurethane Cabling with 10" of coil
  • High output speaker for increased volume in loud environments.
  • Sensitive Uni-directional Electret microphone
  • Includes 3.5mm audio port to add listen only optional Scorpion or Shadow earpiece
  • connector for radio

* Equipment testing guidelines set by The DoD (Dept of Defense) for ruggedization testing

** Water from heavy seas or projected from jets shall not enter the machine in any harmful quantity

Retail Price: $79.95

Our Price: $59 (You Save $20.95)

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speaker microphone

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OEM Remote Speaker Mic

Compact yet rugged Speaker mic enables users to talk and listen without removing the radio from the belt or case. All communication transmits through the speaker mic which allows you to communicate without having to stop what you're doing. Swivel clothing clip ensures secure attachment to your clothing.

Retail Price: $69.96

Our Price: $45 (You Save $24.95)

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speaker microhpne

FLARE - Smallest mini Speaker Microphone

(shoulder microphone, lapel microphone)

Heavy Duty Mini Remote Microphone

  • L"3" W2" The smallest speaker mic
  • Convenient Shoulder Microphone with PTT button
  • 3.5mm Earphone Accessory Port - easy to add earphone
  • Very durable coil cord
  • Swivel clothing clip with metal components
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Retail Price: $59

Our Price: $39 (Save up to: $20.00)

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speaker microphone
speaker microphone
speaker microphone

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Just released! OEM Dual PTT Speaker Microphone

One of the more unique speaker mics on the market. For quick PTT access The OEM Valor has push to talk activation on the front of the speaker mic and on the side. Also unique is the choice of two audio ports for listen only earpiece connection - one on top and one on the bottom.

  • Professional Series
  • Rubber overmolded construction
  • 2 PTT (Push-To-Talk) and speaker combo
  • 2 Audio ports with locking cams. Audio Ports are on BOTH Top & Bottom to enable wearing the radio on either the front or the back!
  • Contoured edges for grip and feel
  • Designed, Engineered and Made in The USA
  • Click Here For Specifications
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Retail Price: $79.96

Our Price: $64 (You Save $15.95)

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*supplied with clear tube - Black by request – same price
Extras - spares (click on the picture)


Also spare coiled tube clear or black


SHADOW - Listen Only Radio

SHADOW can be attached to Flare or All-Weather Military Grade Speaker Microphone - Audio is transmitted to the ear and not over the speaker mic

The Shadow is an extremely durable answer for the officer who wants to use his shoulder mic but needs to receive privately. This Listen only earpiece is for use with the above Shoulder Microphones and includes 12" cord.

Receive-only earpiece with high-quality speaker, acoustic coil tube, and eartip. Black or clear tube.

Retail Price: $39.00

Our Price: $37.95 (You Save: $1.05)

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Receive only earpiece for loud noise environments – Shadow Plus

New! Receive only earpiece for loud noise environments – Shadow Plus

The Shadow Plus helps users receive messages privately via their speaker microphone in high noise situations be it in crowd control type situations or everyday highway patrol duty. What makes the extra loud volume is the armature speaker amplifier that has been sourced from the Hearing Aid Industry specifically for radio users working in high noise situations.

The lightweight and low profile speaker offers 30% more volume than the industry standard diaphragm type receiver and does not drain your radio battery. Overcome the noise and receive clear voice audio with this high volume and discreet receive only earpiece.

Choose the 12” option below if you are attaching the Plus listen only unit to your shoulder microphone and 42” of cable if you attach it directly to your radio.

Retail Price: $79

Our Price: $60 (You Save: $19)

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scorpion earpiece

Click for replacement foam


Listen Only Scorpion Earpiece

Increase Security and Reduce Noise by adding a listen only earpiece to your shoulder microphone or radio.

Available Connectors 2.5mm, 3.5mm, both straight and right angle & 3.5mm threaded.

Please choose a radio connector when ordering (refer to Listen only connector chart to ensure proper pin)

Retail Price: $17.95

Our Price: $15.95 (You Save: $2.00)

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Fuel Pad charger
Fuel Pad charger

For more views click here

For more views click here

The Multi Bank Fuel Pad Organizer - new!

The Multi Bank Fuel Pad is an ingenious design with 3 steps that allows your team to place chargers onto it for a variety of electronic devices, such as 2-way radios, cameras, cell phones, power tools, iPods, and More!

Simply plug your single-unit chargers into the built-in power strips underneath the FuelPad, and connect to the charger you place on top of it. Those 3 power strips connected to one industrial grade cable located on the back, allows you to use one wall plug for 12 devices! And the entire thing weighs less than 4 pounds! Now that is simple.

Use the single unit charger that came with your radio and plug it into the Multi Bank Fuel Pad Organizer.

A simple charging organizer for up to 12 radios with three power strips! No need to buy individual pods. There are power strips underneath the fuel pad that you plug into, with one wall plug cable that comes out the back.

Works with all types of two way radios - Black Box, Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM etc

Size 17" x 16.5" x 6"

Retail Price: $159

Our Price: $130 (You Save $29)



3.5mm QD M1 adaptor for Motorola


3.5mm QD M1 Female Adaptor

Reduces the amount of damage to the radio headset jack since the adaptor stays on the radio at all times. The same radio can be used by more than one user and when the user is finished with their shift they unplug their earpiece but the jack saver portion stays on.

Retail Price: $29 (You save $10)

Our Price: $19.00




Motorola Radio Connectors Guide

M1 radio connector

Motorola AU1200, Motorola AV1200, Motorola AXV5100, Motorola AXU4100, Motorola BPR40, Motorola CLS series, Motorola CLS 1110, Motorola CLS 1410, Motorola CP88, Motorola CP100, Motorola CP110, Motorola CP125, Motorola CP150, Motorola CP185, Motorola CP200, Motorola CP220, Motorola CP240, Motorola CP250, Motorola CP300, Motorola CT150, Motorola CT250, Motorola CT450, Motorola CT450LS, Motorola DTR series, Motorola DTR410, Motorola DTR550, Motorola DTR610, Motorola DTR650, Motorola ECP100, Motorola EP450, Motorola GP68, Motorola GP88, Motorola GP88S, Motorola GP280, Motorola GP300, Motorola GP308, Motorola GP350, Motorola GP2000, Motorola GP2100, GTI, GTX, LTS2000, PR400, P040, P080, P110, P1225, P1225LS, PR400, Motorola PMR446, Motorola PRO1150, PRO3150, PRO5150, SP10, Motorola SP21, Motorola SP50, Motorola SP50+, Motorola Spirit Pro, Motorola Spirit Pro+, Motorola Spirit HP 10, Motorola SU22, Motorola SU22C, Motorola SU220 VHF / UHF Spirit, Motorola SV10, Motorola SV11, Motorola SV11D, Motorola SV21, Motorola SV12, Motorola SV22, Motorola SV22C, Motorola XT420, Motorola XT460, Motorola XTN446, Motorola XTN500, Motorola XTN600, Motorola XU4100, Motorola XV1100, Motorola XV1400, Motorola XV2100, Motorola Xu1100, Motorola XU2100, Motorola XU2600, Motorola VL130, Motorola VL50, Bearcom BC10, Bearcom BC20, Bearcom BC90, Bearcom BC120, Bearcom BC130, Motorola HT850, Motorola Mag One BPR400, Motorola MU11, Motorola MU11C, Motorola MU11CV, Motorola MV11, Motorola MV11C, Motorola MV11CV, Motorola MU12, Motorola MV12, Motorola MV12C, Motorola MV12CV, Motorola MU21CV, Motorola MV21C, Motorola MU22CV, Motorola MU22CVS, Motorola MV22CV, Motorola MU24CV, Motorola MU24CVS, Motorola MU24CVST, Motorola VL50, Motorola RDU2020, Motorola RDU2080, Motorola RDU2080DD, Motorola RDV2080D, Motorola RDU4100, Motorola RDU4160, Motorola RDU4160D, Motorola RDV2020, Motorola RDV5100, Motorola RDM2020, Motorola RDM2070d

M2 Radio Connector

Motorola Visar Series

M3 Radio Connector

Motorola GP900, Motorola GP9000, Motorola HT1000, Motorola JT1000, Motorola MT1500, Motorola MT2000, Motorola MTS2000, Motorola MTX8000, Motorola MTX838, Motorola MTX900, Motorola MTX9000, Motorola MTX960, Motorola MTX-LS, Motorola PR1500, Motorola XTS1500, Motorola XTS2250, Motorola XTS2500, Motorola XTS3000, Motorola XTS3000 Astro, Motorola XTS3500, Motorola XTS5000

M4 Radio Connector

Motorola CBpro, Motorola GP1280, Motorola GP140, Motorola GP320, Motorola GP328, Motorola GP329, Motorola GP338, Motorola GP339, Motorola GP340, Motorola GP360, Motorola GP380, Motorola GP580, Motorola GP640, Motorola GP650, Motorola GP680, Motorola HT750, Motorola HT1250, Motorola HT1250LS, Motorola HT1550, Motorola HT1550XLS, Motorola MTP850Ex, Motorola MTX8250, Motorola MTX8250LS, Motorola MTX850, Motorola MTX850LS, Motorola MTX9250, Motorola MTX950, Motorola MTX960, Motorola PR860, Motorola PRO5150, Motorola PRO5350, Motorola PRO5450, Motorola PRO5550, Motorola PRO5750, Motorola PRO7150, Motorola PRO7350, Motorola PRO7450, Motorola PRO7550, Motorola PRO7750, Motorola PRO9150, Motorola PTX700, Motorola PTX760, Motorola PTX780, Motorola R765, Motorola TETRA MTP810Ex

M5 Radio Connector

Motorola EX500, Motorola EX560XLS, Motorola EX600, Motorola GL2000, Motorola GP328+, Motorola GP338+, Motorola GP344, Motorola GP388, Motorola GP680, Motorola GP688, Motorola Pro5150 Elite, Motorola EX600XLS, Motorola GL200, Motorola PRO 5151 ELITE

M6 Radio Connector

Motorola Trisquare radio Spirit GT, Spirit GT+, Spirit EM100r, Spirit MR350r, Spirit MJ270, Motorola MU350R, Spirit Mb140r, Spirit MH230, Spirit EM1000R, Spirit FV300AA, Spirit MR355R, Spirit MC220R, Spirit MC225R, Spirit T9680R, Talkabout EM1000, Talkabout EM1000R, Talkabout EM102R0, Talkabout 270, Talkabout 280, Talkabout T289, Talkabout T550, Talkabout T4300, Talkabout T4500, Talkabout T4502, Talkabout T4508, Talkabout T4525, Talkabout T4700R, Talkabout T4800, Talkabout T4900, Talkabout T4905, Talkabout T5000, Talkabout T5100, Talkabout T5200, Talkabout T5300, Talkabout T5320, Talkabout T5400, Talkabout T5410, Talkabout T5420, Talkabout T5422, Talkabout T5428, Talkabout T5432, Talkabout T5500, Talkabout T5522, Talkabout T5532, Talkabout 5530, Talkabout 5512, Talkabout T5522, Talkabout T5530R, Talkabout T5600, Talkabout T5620, Talkabout T5622, Talkabout T5625, Talkabout T5628, Talkabout T5700, Talkabout T5710, Talkabout T5720, Talkabout T5725, Talkabout T5800, Talkabout T5820, Talkabout 5900, Talkabout T5920, Talkabout T5950, Talkabout 6000, Talkabout 6100, Talkabout T6200, Talkabout T6210, Talkabout T6220, Talkabout T6222, Talkabout T6250, Talkabout T6300, Talkabout T6310, Talkabout T6320, Talkabout T6400, Talkabout T6500, Talkabout T6530, Talkabout T6550, Talkabout T6600, Talkabout 6700, Talkabout 6800, Talkabout 6900, Talkabout T7100, Talkabout T7200, Talkabout 7300, Talkabout T7400, Talkabout 7500, Talkabout 7600, Talkabout 7700, Talkabout 7800, Talkabout T9500, Talkabout FV200, Talkabout FV300, Talkabout FV500, Talkabout FV600, Talkabout FV700, Talkabout FV800, Talkabout FV200, Talkabout MJ270R, Talkabout MJ430R, Talkabout MR350, Talkabout MR351, Talkabout MR560R, Talkabout RT210, Talkabout SX500, Talkabout SX600, Talkabout SX700, Motorola SX700R, Talkabout SX750, Talkabout SX800, Talkabout SX900, Talkabout SX920, Motorola FRS 50, Motorola FRS 60, Motorola FR50

M7 Radio Connector

Motorola MOTOTRBO, Motorola APX2000, Motorola APX6000, Motorola APX7000, Motorola APX7000SE, Motorola DGP4150, Motorola DGP5050, Motorola DGP5550, Motorola DGP6150, Motorola DGP8050, Motorola DGP8550, Motorola DP3400, Motorola DP3401, Motorola DP3600, Motorola DP3601, Motorola DP4400, DP4401, Motorola DP4600, DP4601, Motorola DP4800, DP4801, Motorola MTP850 S, Motorola MTP830 S, Motorola XPR 4500, Motorola XPR 6100, Motorola XPR 6300, Motorola XPR 6350, Motorola XPR 6380, Motorola XPR 6500, Motorola XPR 6550, Motorola XPR 6580, Motorola XPR 7350, Motorola XPR 7380, Motorola XPR 7550, Motorola XPR 7580, Motorola XiR P8620, Motorola XiR P8628

M8 Radio Connector

Motorola SL7550, Motorola SL7590, SL4000 and SL4010

M9 Radio Connector

DEP550, DEP570, DP2000, DP2400, DP2600, MTP3250, Motorola TETRA MTP3100, Motorola TETRA MTP3200, Motorola TETRA MTP3250, Motorola XiR P6600, Motorola XiR P6608, Motorola XiR P6620, Motorola XiR P6628, Motorola XPR3300, XPR3500

M10 Radio Connector

CLP-1010, CLP-1040, CLP-1060

F radio connector

Motorola i867, Motorola Titanium, Motorola BRUTE i686, Motorola Clutch i475, Motorola i412
Motorola EWP1000, Motorola EWP1100, Motorola EWP2000, Motorola EWP2100, Motorola XTS4000

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